The way we live

Its almost First Friday again everyone. I am still down at the Arts Factory in the Joesph Watson galley. I haven’t had much time to do many paintings but I have a few new ones.

So since last time I posted on here a lot has happened. The First thing was Valentines day. I took my amazing lady, Crystal, to a spa in the morning and then lunch. I got her a few gifts and then she surprised me, she booked us a room at Lake Las Vegas, where we spent the night and had an amazing time.

Latley I have been spending a lot of time with Crystal. She is an amazing girl and I cant wait to get to know her even more. Already she makes me feel like an appreciated human being.  She inspires me to do things that I would never have done by myself. When I lay next to her I have dreams of paintings and just amazing things. She is a wonderful muse.

Also I have been working the past week with a company named Dalpar. They do some government contract work all over the country. The last week though we have been working with the American and Australian special forces. These dudes are straight bad ass. The Aussies have a cool accent. We get to watch them parachute into an area and then take us out as the opposing forces. We run around little cities dressed as terrorists. These guys have some skill. Kudos to them.

Then the best thing to happen this month was my daughters third birthday. She is the light of my life and i don’t know what I would do without her. When shes not here I get lonely and when she is around there is nothing but laughter heard around the house. I love to see her grow and learn. Every time I see her see has learned something new. Her birthday is February 28th so I had her party the 26th. We went to a place called Flipin Out, where its filled with trampolines and bouncy houses, and then back to my apartment for the party. We had pizza, cake, and ice cream. Miley had a blast with all the kids running around. Everyone thank Crystal for decorating also. Without her dedicating her time to that it would not have been so amazing. She received lots of great presents from her friends. Thanks to every one who came out.

So follow me on this blog or add me on facebook at

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1 March

Busy Bee

So since the last post a lot has happened.

First Friday went and past. It was a great time and definitely worth it. I had so much praise and love for all of my artwork. It was quite surprising to here so many people say they liked them. I learned so much about being an artist and what it takes to be successful in the business.  You really have to find a market and do all you can to put yourself out there. I’m still working on finding what I want to do more of. So everyone be happy I sold my very first original painting to a man named Joesph at First Friday also. Such a great time. If you have suggestions or ideas send them my way.

Ive seen a lot of great galleries around town lately also. I am trying to learn as much as i can from the people that work inside of them. The best one so far is inside the Fashion Show mall. Its the Centaur Gallery. Its got a lot of great work inside.

Life seems to be throwing a lot at me recently too but I’m taking it and trying not to worry about anything. Everything happens for a reason and no matter how bad it is for me somebody somewhere else has it much worse. I have food, shelter, and a beautiful child.  I’m trying to learn to not worry about the small things and just live and be happy.

So the worst news I heard is about my wrist. Ive been seeing a doctor because I have had so much pain in it. After the multitude of x-rays and MRI’s a final answer is not here. Hopefully one more MRI and they will see what they need to.  The doctor told me that my wrist is messed up pretty bad from when I broke it in my motorcycle accident.  I have way to much arthritis, some bone is broken so its rubbing, he thinks I had ligament injuries at the time of my accident that were ignored, and I’ve lost a lot of cartilage between the wrist bones. Hopefully in a few months they can fix it or pay me more disability. It would be nice to have both but I cant get everything.

Amongst the craziness that’s my life I have painted some more paintings so check out the videos below and my website.

Add me on facebook and follow my blog!

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11 February

So a few new things have happened to me. A good one is that I am now showing my art in a gallery at the Arts Factory, . There are several galleries there and I am sharing one with a few people. Ive been cranking out the paintings so check the website and look at them.

So from now on I think Ill  be uploading pictures I take and videos of me painting. I think that will be nice.  Watch them and then tell me what you think.

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22 January

Hello agian…

Hello everyone,

I know its been awhile since last time I wrote on this blog. I have been pretty busy with life.  A lot of things have changed for me recently. Ill sum it up in a few bullets.

  • Lost my job
  • Did a lot of painting
  • Took a vacation to El Paso, TX ( don’t go there)
  • Meet new people
  • Did more paintings

I will try and add a new post every week telling you whatever people put in blogs. Maybe ill just find some cool links. Also Im making video of me painting. It is pretty cool, ill post a link when I finish.

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22 November

Where do I start…

Its been a long week or so since my last post. A lot has changed in my life, good and bad. So in short, I split with the girlfriend and moved into my own place.

On a good almost bad note my twin went back to Hawaii so I can return to life. We did a some crazy things while he was here. We jumped off the Stratosphere Casino, rented some Harleys, visited a strip club, drank a little bit, and did some landscaping.  It was a blast, so it was sad to see him go.

I have added a few more paintings to the site. The next few months I am going to load this place up. Im starting to find my niche and what I love to paint. I have the process down pretty good now. Lots and lots of music to jam too.

So check out the site and subscribe

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22 September

Week long chaos

So this week is going to be very crazy. My twin is in town with some of his friends. I took a vacation to hang out and do some drinking with them but I think it might get a little crazy. There is my twin Cordell, his girlfriend Tosha, our friend Robert and Sarah, and all of the little ones. We have my two and a half year old, my twins’ one and a half year old, and a three month old. Doesn’t seem like much but these are some crazy dudes.
On a side note I am getting inspired by this website. I have all kinds of painting ideas. With all this moving and partying I don’t know how much time I can devote to painting though.

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11 September

Hello world!

Me and my daughter Miley

Me and my daughter Miley

So this is the first entry into my blog. My name is Cordayo Knapp and I am an aspiring artists in Las Vegas. I just created this website and everything, with the help of Chuck Cavanaugh. I am still working on all of this and I hope if you’re visiting the site you will leave a comment with your suggestions or ideas about the art.

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9 September