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I love doing painting requests. I like to see the looks on people's faces when I create something that is what they were imaging. If you want a request done just visit the contact section and we can work something out.

Email will not be given out. It will only be used to email updates to the website and new paintings.

Cordayo Knapp

Cordayo Knapp

Cordayo Knapp was born in Huntsville, Alabama, August 19th of 1987. He was born with his twin brother Cordell, while their mother was in the army. She soon left the army moved to Florida where they lived for a short period. They then moved to Flint, Michigan with his mother, father and siblings. His siblings include his twin brother, Cordell, younger brother, Kevin, and sister, Melissa.

At a young age Cordayo learned to draw with pen and ink, copying Disney characters onto notebook paper. Cordayo took art classes in elementary and high school but never really learned how to draw or paint on a regular basis. Then when he graduated high school Cordayo joined the Air Force where he served two years active duty.

After he left active duty Cordayo started to relearn how to draw. He worked for months on his skills with charcoal and ink. After he built up his confidence he started painting. He is still working on his skills and his artist style. With every painting and every project Cordayo is defining himself as an artist.

Cordayo is a self-taught artist who loves to paint with all mediums. Most of his paintings focus on colors and how his eye sees the world. All of his paintings are simple yet detailed. His skills are still growing and always evolving. They are full of life and color. His goal is to inspire people to test the waters and always try new things. He has always been a creative person and hopes one day to be an inspiration to other artists.